Swans Class

Welcome to Swans Class page. We like to make learning fun and educational.  Our teachers Mrs Bowman, Mrs Kemp and Mr Owen help prepare us for secondary school and give us a positive learning attitude.



Terms 1+2

Swans Class have had an incredibly busy term!

We have embraced the Christian ethos of our school community by attending and taking part in Holy Communion at St Leonard's, spending the day at Canterbury Cathedral at a prayer workshop.  

This prepared us for writing and conducting our very own class worship all about our Christian value - kindness. 


The children have loved the opportunities presented to them and have immersed themselves fully.  It has been lovely to accompany the children on these visits as more often than not we receive compliments about their exemplary behaviour. 

Some of the children have also taken part in Bikeability, which the children really enjoyed, and gained a great deal from.  They all received level two which is fantastic.  

This term the children were given the opportunity to lead their own learning.  They have had the freedom to choose each element, from the topic itself (food) to the 'big questions’ that they set themselves the challenge of answering. 

They have worked in pairs on a variety of questions and areas of study.  We have had many different projects from; culture, tradition, history, science, rations, and healthy eating to more specific projects, centred around a particular food or food type. 

They have researched and written up their findings as well as writing to local companies and running experiments.  We hope to round this off nicely next term with a visit to Goodwins academy for some cooking sessions!

The projects are focussed and in depth and they have really enjoyed taking ownership of their learning in this way.