Pupils will become confident artists who enjoy exploring a range of media using a diverse range of artists as their inspiration. It is integral to their uniqueness and ability to express and interpret the world around them. Art enables them to ‘fire up’ their imagination. They will have opportunities to develop their spirituality and creativity, enabling them to develop and use their skills confidently and independently. Children will develop their use of artistic terminology and vocabulary in order to discuss their own artwork and that of other artists. Our art curriculum enables pupils to understand their own and others’ cultural heritage through studying a diverse range of current and historical artists and artistic movements.




Learning art will enable the next generation of artists, designers, creators and cultural leaders through giving them a range of experiences in terms of artistic styles, media, artists, cultures and historical periods; and the opportunity to develop key skills in drawing, painting and sculpture. Where relevant, the context for art topics are linked to other areas of learning such as History, Geography or Science being studied at the same time. Our locality lends itself to opportunities to access the natural world and our immediate outdoor environment also plays a big part in the teaching of this subject.


Curriculum Map 

Art N.C. Objectives

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Artists We Know


DEALT Art Competition May 2023 'Climate Change'


 Sholden Art Competition Winners

Art Competition Winners

Visit Our to see the DEALT winners displayed in the library)



 The Mud Maid (Deal Arts Festival July 2022)