Through our Design Technology curriculum, we aim to provide children with a real-life context for learning in an ever-developing world. As an inspiring and practical subject, we intend to prepare children to deal with an ever-changing technological world, encouraging them to become creative and resourceful problem solvers, working both independently and as members of a team. We teach our children to be inspired by real world opportunities and relevant problems, identifying needs and developing a range of ideas and solutions in a variety of contexts. Personal qualities of resilience and improvement are a key part of Design Technology, which are embedded within our curriculum. Furthermore, they learn to overcome challenges and improve designs and products, all the while finding motivation and meaning for their learning. Many of our DT projects are linked to wider areas of the curriculum for that term (such as Science, Geography and History) enabling pupils to understand how subjects relate to each other. Children will research past and present technologies, learn about the works of key designers and develop their use of technical vocabulary, enabling them to explain, discuss and evaluate their ideas effectively.


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DEALT DT Day - Designing a Golf Course


Christmas Lunch at Goodwin Academy 2023


Food Technology at Goodwin Academy July 2023



Christmas Lunch at Goodwin Academy