We aim to develop our children’s curiosity and inquisitive nature regarding where they live and the wider world. We want children to ask and answer as well as explore the world around them, both in terms of its natural and human aspects. We want to build our children’s cultural capital through our broad curriculum which explores diverse places, resources and environments both within the UK, Europe and the wider world.

Heron's London City Trip



Trip to Deal and Walmer Seafront


As geographers, our children will learn investigative skills, such as data analysis and field work. They will also learn about the impact they have on our planet, understanding that Geography changes over time. We make use of cross-curricular links where possible, such as in Science and Art, where knowledge can be revisited and embedded. Geographical vocabulary is key to our children’s curriculum, ensuring they are able to clearly articulate their knowledge of different locations and collaborate effectively, for example when carrying out field work skills. With the diverse physical and human features in our surroundings, through trips and visits we maximise the use of our locality to support children’s geographical knowledge and understanding.





Curriculum Map

Geography N.C. Objectives

Progression of Skills

Knowledge Progression

Vocabulary Progression