Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an inspirational educational experience to encourage lifelong learning and fulfil all of our pupils unique God given potential.


A moment of reflection

Almighty God we give you our school.

We give you all the teachers and staff who work here,

We give you all the children who study here.

We pray our school would be a place of great discovery, adventure and creativity.

May it be a place where we love to learn and where we learn to love,

A place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued.

We ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Dear Parents / Carers


A very warm welcome back to school.

For those who are new I hope that you are settling in and getting to know the school community here at Sholden.

It was so lovely to meet and greet you all as you arrived at school on Wednesday morning. Our staff have been working hard preparing new displays, organising books, planning lessons and topic themes. Mr Rainer the school caretaker, has been at school for a greater part of the holidays carrying out important maintenance work and overseeing the refurbishment of the childrens toilets. The grounds look great, the school is spotless and the toilets are fabulous. What a great school we have! A big thank you to Mr Rainer and all the staff for their hard work.There is still some decorating that is required, any volunteers to help would be greatly appreciated.

As you all know, my name is Ms Justine Brown and I am the interim Executive Head Teacher for the Autumn term whilst governors appoint the substantive head teacher, following the departure of Mrs Bailey. Having served as the Head teacher at Sholden School for a number of years from 2007 to 2014 I am thrilled to be invited back to work here again and will do my best to continue to uphold the Christian, family ethos that is so special at Sholden School. I strongly believe in collaboration, inclusion and having a child centred approach; I hope that we can all work together for the best outcomes for our pupils and children.

We also warmly welcome a new member of the support staff Mr Daly will be working in the Kingfisher class as a 1-1 support.

I am sure many of you may have been touched by the very tragic loss of a local, Deal young boy called Lucas Dobson. This sudden accident has shocked us all. On behalf of our school we are sending our sympathy and prayers to the family and Warden House School where he attended.

Please always let us know of any challenges or troubles that cross your path so that we can support you and your children.

So, back to school brings all the joys of our school rules and expectations!

Here are some ways you can help us;


  • Please arrive punctually before the bell goes at 8:55am. The school gate is locked at this point. Parents are reminded that we encourage the children's independence and to let the children walk into school themselves, (unless your child is in the reception class)
  • Please label all your children's items of clothing especially the blue school uniform. You would be surprised at the amount of unnamed lost property we gather up.
  • Pupils must only wear blue items of accessories, such as blue ribbons, hair clips and ear rings should be studs. No other jewellery is permitted.
  • Packed lunches must be healthy. Pupils must not bring sweets or chocolate bars as part of their lunch. Please try to encourage your children to eat some fruit. All KS1 pupils will be offered play time fruit snack. Pupils in KS 2 can bring in their own choice of fruit to eat at playtimes, and we strongly recommend this.
  • I recommend sending in a coat as the weather is changing and autumn rain is on its way!
  • Appropriate school shoes are also essential. We do not allow canvas shoes or trainers as an alternative.


I am keen to support the Parent Teacher Association, otherwise known as FOSS (Friends of Sholden School). I believe that there are a small number of members left from the last AGM, and I am keen to meet with them in the near future and start planning an annual general meeting. Please , If you able to volunteer some time and would like to help organise some school events such as the Christmas Fair, or a school disco for the pupils, please make yourself know to Mrs Harrison, the Vice chair, or contact Mrs Hawker in the school office and let her know your name and contact details.


We are also keen to hold a Green Day. The school grounds need some fresh ideas and some rigorous weeding and pruning. We can supply the doughnuts if you can come along for a couple of hours. It is always good fun and an informal opportunity to get to know each other. One very special thing about being part of a small school is that we all need to pull together and work as a team. I will keep you informed about possible dates. Thank you.


Kent Test – Thursday 12th September.

For those children who are taking part in the Kent Test, there will be a free breakfast club available next Thursday. Make sure your children get a good night's sleep and have a good breakfast.  We wish all those taking part the best of luck!


After School Enrichment Clubs

Mr Rainer is pleased to inform you that clubs are due to resume next week. Please email in the office to book a place.

  • Monday  -Football 3.15 - 4.15
  • Thursday – Multi Sports 3.15- 4.15

Please ensure that collection is prompt, thank you.


Please keep an eye open and check your children's bags for information on parent workshops, trips and termly overviews.


Online Safety

As a school we encourage the appropriate use of modern technology, through education and play. As a precaution we feel now would be a good time to share this information around Wizards Unite app. What should parent and carers be aware of in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

There are a range of potential risks for ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players which are similar to those encountered with the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016. While ˜Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can generally be considered a family-friendly app, there are some specific risks involved that parents and players should be aware of and some advice on how they can be minimized:

More information can be found on the school website, under online safety.

Kindest Regards

Justine Brown 

Executive Headteacher

Governors note:

Dear Parents/carers, 

As another school year starts I would like, on behalf of the Governing Body, to welcome everyone back and in particular those children and parents whose first year at school this is. This can often seem a daunting time for those in Reception class but children soon adapt get used to their new surroundings, with encouragement from all the school community. 


You will know that we currently have a vacancy for Headteacher so I thought you would like to know at what stage we are at in filling the role. Some school visits from potential candidates are being arranged and some applications have been received. After the cut-off date for applications there will be a short-listing exercise followed by an interview and selection process. It is hoped to be able to announce a new Headteacher at the end of September, however this is of course dependant on the suitability of applicants. 


In the meantime, and at least until Christmas, Justine Brown will be Executive Head at Sholden School & the Parochial School. Our Assistant Headteacher Miss Pye will be at Sholden full-time as normal. 


Please contact the school office if you have any queries about this. I'll keep you up to date as we make progress. 


Best wishes,

Phil Marsh

Chair of Governors. 




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