Homework &  Remote Learning

At Sholden School we encourage the formation of partnerships between home and school. One of the ways in which this has been established is through home learning activities. These activities have to be meaningful and interesting, as well as providing useful reinforcement or extension of class learning recently undertaken. It is our aim at Sholden School that home learning is achievable, appropriate to the pupil’s level of ability and, above all, an enjoyable, shared experience.

Home learning builds on the learning that has taken place in the classroom. It enables the class teacher and the parent to confirm that the child has an understanding of a subject and helps to install and develop a sense of discipline about learning at home.

 Homework is set out in each child's book/ folder. 

 HOMEWORK please click on the appropriate class to view homework:

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 We understand that home and social lives are often quite busy for pupils and parents and as such in order to attain consistency and for ease of organisation at Sholden School weekly home learning is set on a Friday and due back on a Wednesday.

This then gives pupils and parents the option of working on the home learning either over the weekend or on a weekday evening. This will also eradicate the need to ask your child when home learning is due back or when it is given out.

The home learning for each class will appear on this section of the website each week. This will enable parents to see what has been set. If pupils/parents wish to they may also email their learning to the appropriate member of staff using the email addresses on the staff contact section of the website.

Most home learning will focus on the core subjects – English and Maths, although home learning in other subjects such as I.C.T., History, Science and Geography will also be set.

As from 2012 the Government has dispensed with the minimum requirements for homework and has left the decision as to the quantity and frequency of homework down to individual schools. Schools are free to set as little or as much homework as they like.

Our homework policy is clearly laid out in our Home Learning Policy, the link to which you can find below.

Here are the links to the resources used by children in class:

Home Learning Policy