We aim for our pupils to be equipped with the tools to positively impact on their physical health and well-being and inspire them to succeed in both competitive and physically demanding activities. Children will learn the impact of physical activity on both their physical and emotional well-being. Their understanding of this is also supported through PSHE and Science. We provide a wide range of sporting activities for children to engage in and recognise their potential. Our curriculum is sequenced so that children learn the basic, fundamental movement skills which can then be applied into tactical game situations. Children are encouraged to play in extra-curricular sports led by the school as well as competitive sporting opportunities in class, as a school and within the DEALT. Striving for success and evaluating performance in order to improve are integral to all lessons. Teaching specific PE vocabulary enables children to discuss and evaluate their own and others’ performance and articulate ways to improve. They develop communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills: skills they can apply across the curriculum and throughout life.


Curriculum Map

Progression of Skills

Vocabulary Progression


Physical education provides a unique learning opportunity. It develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence through physical activity. It promotes pupils’ understanding of physical development and their body in action. Physical education provides the skills for pupils to use their bodies efficiently and effectively and promotes the importance of active, fit and healthy lifestyles. 


DEALT KS1 Cricket 4th Place

 Small Schools Football Tournament - 1st Place

Netball Competition 2nd place

 Tennis at Tides

Tennis at Tides


Sports Day 2023